Meeting your insurance needs

Who we are

You took all the right steps. You found a great agent and purchased a good policy from a strong company. But as you know, the insurance industry has changed. As a result, the company that issued your policy asked us to step into its shoes and manage your policy. With over 85 years of experience, we welcome the opportunity to meet your needs and provide you with great service in the coming years.


Year We

Were Founded







The Nassau Acquisition

In 2016, Nassau acquired Constitution Life Insurance Company and The Pyramid Life Insurance Company from Universal American Corp. Constitution Life and Pyramid Life now operate under the Constitution Life brand as subsidiaries of Nassau. Nassau is based in Hartford, Connecticut and owns insurance, insurance distribution, asset management and reinsurance firms. It remains committed to our policyholders and business partners.

Why We Want To Serve You

We want to make sure that the promise of every policy purchased gets delivered.

Good Service


Our goal is to quickly answer all your questions and promptly process all transactions.

Commitment to this Business


We believe in the value of insurance and intend to continually excel in this industry.

Representing with Integrity


We will strive to manage every policy as if it were our own and maintain open and honest communications.