Products we manage

We administer a wide array of senior insurance products, including
supplemental health and life insurance, disability and various other insurance policies.
Your policy documents detail specific benefits, coverage and product features.

Protects individuals and families against financial loss due to the premature death of an insured.

Helps pay some costs Medicare doesn't cover. For Medicare SELECT, see the hospital directory.

Replaces some of a worker's salary if he or she becomes disabled and cannot work.

Pays specified amounts to help offset expenses or treatments resulting from an accident.

Offers a lump sum benefit to help offset out-of-pocket medical and daily expenses that may be incurred following a cancer diagnosis.

Helps provide for the cost of long-term care either in the home or in a residential facility such as a nursing home.

Helps pay for added expenses related to a hospital stay.

Offers dental benefits with the freedom to see any dentist you choose.

Provides coverage for expensive events like surgery and typically includes high deductibles.